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Wine aromas, wine faultsPlay Taste It! to learn how to taste wine like the pros do. This wine game features patent-pending wine faults aromas. Using these aromas, you learn how to identify a defective or flawed bottle of wine. This is an essential skill, but not one that you can learn on your own.

Use the Taste ItFlashcards to learn the five easy steps for tasting wine: SEE, SWIRL, SMELL, SIP and SWALLOW.

Check the list of Trigger Terms to determine if the wine you are tasting can be described with one of the Trigger Terms. If so, the wine may be defective or flawed and you'll learn how to detect this when you play Taste It!

Why play Taste It! ? Some wines stink!
Insider’s secret: many self-proclaimed wine “connoisseurs” and some wine professionals don’t know how to recognize a flawed bottle of wine. This is the single most important skill you can have as a wine lover. And forget about those “blind” wine tasting games. Being able to identify wine varietals in blind tastings is a very advanced skill, and when would you ever need to be able to this?