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Testimonial from wine novices"Any excuse to get together with friends is always a good one, but getting together for a wine tasting party with the To Your Taste! Wine Party Kit was especially fun. The kit guided us (novices) through everything we needed--from how to taste wine to how to describe it! We particularly enjoyed the Review It! game--pulling together descriptive terms from the Wine Lingo Booklet and making up our own was a blast!"
Terri and Tim M., Columbia, Maryland

Testimonial about wine tasting games"I really enjoyed the To Your Taste! Wine Party Kit. Not only did I learn a lot about tasting wines and detecting faulty wines, but I had such a great time learning how to describe the characteristics of wines. This will be my new favorite game to play with both old and new friends!"
Terri L., Laurel, Maryland

Wine education product"A fun, interactive game for adults and wine enthusiasts. I had a great time playing and learning about wine and you will too!"
José, Baltimore, Maryland

"To Your Taste! is not only a great icebreaker, but a fun way to learn about wine. I especially liked learning how the flavor of a wine can complement or clash with various foods. We had a great evening!"

Michele, Columbia, Maryland