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August 16, 2009
For Immediate Release

Laurel, Maryland

Innovative, unique wine education product from local entrepreneur

After seven years of research and over four years of design and development, the To Your Taste!® Wine Party Kit is ready to be produced. “All I need now is the production financing,” says Heidi McLain, founder and owner of To Your Taste For Wine LLC. The company has just begun to raise the money it needs to bring the product to market.

“Our product has everything wine consumers need to know and do to throw great wine-tasting parties. It includes three games that help hosts and their guests learn how to taste wine, evaluate wine, and review wine just like the professionals do…all thoughtfully and attractively packaged in a practical and eye-catching rope-handled box.”

Unlike competitors' products, the TYT party kit was created by a woman who is passionate about wine and is passionate about this product and what it can do for wine consumers. Heidi McLain is the "face" of TYT and she predicts that she will likely become a "celebrity brand" like Paula Deen or Martha Stewart.

TYT’s competitive edge comes from the advantage of McLain’s seven years of research and experience with helping consumers buy wine and her personal passion for the product. TYT is a superior product offering because of the use of patented wine faults aromas, the unique format and innovative approach, and the overall high quality of the product.

“Knowledge of wine is an important social asset," says Elliott Mackey, founding member of the Society of Wine Educators. Ms. McLain is passionate about helping wine consumers to learn the skills they need to feel confident about buying wine, ordering wine in a restaurant, drinking wine or just talking about wine.

To Your Taste For Wine LLC is located in Laurel, Maryland. Heidi McLain, founder and owner, can be reached at For more information, visit the company Web site at